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Claudio Ramires

Artist’s statement

The painting I like to see is the painting I want to paint. In it, I express the things I would not know how to say any other way. Therefore, what also touch me are the understanding of the source and the materialization of such feelings.

The themes are within the objective simplicity of the things I see daily or the subjectivity of my imagination. Sometimes, it is in the form of symbols that rescue and translate my memories and beliefs. This emotional content may be outside the theme – it is the poetry that exists in the plastic or physical attributes of the painting, in the composition, the color and its accidents and contrasts, in the delicate glazes’ transparencies or in the textures of the impastos that reveal the gestures, all of which are for the painting what the voice is for the music.

My work is figurative. However, by valuing such aspects and questing for a richer chromatic construction, I work so that there are “other paintings” within small crops in which each observer can reveal their own abstractions. I have always worked with several media and languages, either digital or traditional. Today, I focus on a personal research that has begun over a decade ago about the acrylic painting. This research allowed me to develop a personal technique in which the deliverance of the color happens with the juxtaposition of paint layers over dried out layers, in continuous alternation of impastos and transparencies. My investigation aims to fully mastering this resource as a mean of expression.


Artist and advertiser, Ramires was born in Porto Alegre in 1963. The acrylic painting is his main research subject and expression form. He has been working with visual communication since 1980, having played various parts in the communication industry: illustrator, graphic designer and art director. As an illustrator, he received several awards in the 90s. In the theatre, he has already worked as a conceptual creator and an art director. In interactive digital media, he has worked as an art director and a user experience manager both in Porto Alegre and São Paulo.

Exhibits and Awards

2011 – International Moleskine Exchange – MCBA Exhibit. Minneapolis, MN -USA

2008 – “NYC Vinil Record Exhibition” at the APW Arts Gallery – NY – USA

2008 – Purchase Award on The 8th International Art Competition Salt Lake City, UT – USA

2005 – Merit Award on The 7th International Art Competition


No photography nor text that I have had contact with has ever lived up to the direct and personal experience tried in front of a work of art. It is very difficult for me to write about a specific piece or even generically about my work – it sounds vague and superficial. In fact, I have no interest in it. Therefore, what I hope is that this first remote and virtual contact may turn into a real visit to my studio so that you can have a direct contact with my work. Then, during a conversation, words may start to make sense.